Quality Control

Through the use of our five-stage chrome pretreatment system and our highly automated paint line, Linetec is able to produce top quality finishes with consistent results. With this technology and our Quality Assurance team inspecting every job for color, mil thickness, appearance and multiple other performance specifications, you can be assured of the best finish possible.

QA Test Panels

Test panels can be run with project material.

AAMA specification tests are conducted on these sample panels to ensure a quality product. The test results are kept on file for future reference. Some of the tests done include:
      Impact resistance        Acid resistance
      Adhesion                       Mortar resistance
      Mil thickness                 Pencil hardness

Quality Assuarance

On-line quality assurance inspection

Through the use of our 5-stage chrome pretreatment system and our highly-automated paint line, Linetec is able to produce top quality finishes with consistent results. With this technology and our QA team inspecting every job to AMMA specifications, you can be assured of the best possible finish.

South Florida Test Fence

Job panels are sent to South Florida for weathering tests

Multiple rigorous performance tests determine whether a coating meets or exceeds AAMA specifications.

The weathering performance test is one of the test methods and performance criteria applied to the AAMA 2605 specification. Paint manufacturers have monitored product on a south Florida test fence for more than 30 years. Samples are placed on the fence at a 45-degree angle facing the strong tropical sun and environmental exposure. One year on the test fence equals approximately 2 ½ years of more temperate exposure.


American Architectural Manufacturers Association

Linetec is a longstanding AAMA member. AAMA is the source of performance standards, product certification and educational programs for the fenestration industry.

Linetec is 100% compliant of all AAMA specifications. AAMA Certification Program Verified Components List is a complete list of window and door component manufacturers who have submitted samples for testing and those samples were found to be in full compliance with the applicable specification.

Quality Assurance Protocol
On-Line Inspection

  •   Proper paint coverage
Per customer prints
  •   Visual / appearance
AAMA 2605, section 4.2
  •   Dry film thickness
AAMA 2605, section 4.3
  •   Gloss
AAMA 2605, section 7.2
  •    Color
AAMA 2605, section 7.1
  •   Pencil hardness
AAMA 2605, section 7.3
QA Test Panels

  •   Film thickness
        Dry adhesion (cross-hatch)
        Boiling water adhesion (cross-hatch)
        Pencil range
        Direct Impact
  •   Chemical Resistance
        MEK Rub 
  •   Color Match, Gloss and Dry Film Thickness Testing
(actual test panels are labeled, cataloged and retained for a period of one year. Data is maintaned electronically)
Approved Applicator Process

Test samples are submitted periodically to paint vendor laboratories for additional testing. Strict performance criteria are required to maintain status of Approved Applicator

  •   Color uniformity
AAMA 2605 - 8.1.1
  •   Dry film thickness
AAMA 2605 - 8.3
  •   Specular gloss
AAMA 2605 - 8.2
  •   Dry film hardness
AAMA 2605 - 8.3
  •   Dry adhesion
AAMA 2605 -
  •   Wet adhesion
AAMA 2605 -
  •   Boiling water adhesion
AAMA 2605 -
  •   Direct impact
AAMA 2605 - 8.5
  •   Abrasion resistance
AAMA 2605 - 8.6
  •   Muriatic acid resistance
AAMA 2605 - 8.7.1
  •   Mortar resistance
AAMA 2605 - 8.7.2
  •   Nitric acid resistance
AAMA 2605 - 8.7.3
  •   Detergent resistance
AAMA 2605 - 8.7.4
  •   24-hour window cleaner resistance
AAMA 2605 - 8.7.5