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Linetec has a long-standing reputation as a leader in environmentally-conscious process improvements and sustainable design finishes and coatings.

The built environment has a profound impact on our environment, economy, health and productivity. Whether baking in the sun or freezing in the cold, building envelope endures some of the most rigorous, day-to-day durability challenges. Selecting an exterior architectural finish that will preserve the longest lifespan possible can be a daunting task.

Since the inception of LEED in 1998, the explosion of building green has increased awareness of the various finishing options and their performance criteria. The finishing technologies and processes involved in design, construction and manufacturing are extremely important to a building’s longevity and sustainability. The goals of environmentally responsible architectural finishing companies follow the same mission as the USGBC.


“to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life.”

Environmental Protected Finishes

In the architectural and commercial industry, the three types of factory-applied, high-performance finishes for aluminum are polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) paint, powder coat and anodize. All three processes can be applied securely and permanently to the building’s aluminum components, with environmental protection inherent in the finish.

Applicator key to determining the best options

The finish choice most often is based on a combination of personal taste and performance specifications. Selecting the appropriate finish for the building’s exterior involves much more than just choosing a color. Conversing with an applicator that has experience with all three finish types can be beneficial in determining the best application for your project.


Unless applied on site, architectural finishes do not contribute to the attainment of the LEED Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Credit: Low-Emitting Materials – Paints and Coatings, but they most assuredly do contribute to the sustainability of a building.

reducing negative impact on environment

Selecting an applicator that supports green building finishing through ongoing research and environmentally-friendly business practices will help to significantly reduce negative impact on the environment.

linetec Architectural Finishing-Sustainability Eco Friendly Anodize

Eco-friendly anodize

As a result of industry demand for better aesthetics and sustainable design goals, Linetec converted it’s process to eco-friendly anodize. Linetec’s eco-friendly anodize offers LEED credit potential

linetec Architectural Finishing- Sustainability RVDF Resin Kynar 500

PVDF Resin-based paint coatings 

PVDF Resin based (often referred to as Kynar 500®) coatings have been the proven mainstay in the architectural industry for decades. Linetec captures and destroys the VOCs present in liquid solvent-based paints at the factory before arrival on the building site.

linetec Architectural Finishing Sustainability Paint

high performance powder coat

Powder coatings emit ultra-low levels of VOCs during manufacturing and application. They have a well-earned reputation for hardness and durability. The powder coat industry has made steady advances in technology to reach architectural performance standards.

linetec Architectural Finishing- Sustainability thermal comfort

thermal comfort

Linetec provides manufacturers with two options – pour and debridge and thermal strut – to achieve significant improvement in thermal performance of window, door and curtainwall systems. Both energy saving systems can contribute to earning performance points toward LEED certification.

AAMA Verified Component Licensee

American Architectural Manufacturers Association, a material-neutral organization, is the source of performance standards for the fenestration professionals of window, door, skylight, curtain wall and storefront manufacturing companies.


As your Single Source Solution we offer custom options and specialty finishes such as Wood Grain Finishes, Copper Anodize, Spattercoat and textured Terra Cotta Coatings.


Linetec has earned a long-standing reputation as a leader in environmentally-conscious practices and finishing options. For more than a decade, environmental responsibility has been written into our core values.


Our technical experts at Linetec provide valuable industry education of high-performance architectural finishes to architects, engineers, specifiers and manufacturers.

Photo credits: Wausau Window & Wall Systems (Aaron Leitz Photography), Tubelite, Super Sky Products Intrl
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