About Linetec

Linetec’s Core Values are the backbone of the company. Created in 2000, based on employee input, the company Core Values have remained unchanged since that time. As a result, Linetec’s Core Values are actively communicated and managed within the company culture.

linetec core values


Linetec was established, by Apogee Enterprises, in 1983 to fulfill a niche the coating of architectural products. There was increased demand by architects for windows of different colors, and hardly anyone was specializing in this area. In Linetec’s development and growth, we have become the nation’s largest architectural paint and anodizing finisher, leveraging our strengths, products and people to deliver the best finish and service to our customers.


We will be the Single Source Solution in our target markets, providing high-performance coatings and value-added services, while delivering industry-leading reliability, exceptional quality and superior service for our customers. In doing so, we will continue to grow, increase market share, and meet the financial goals of our shareholders and associates.

APOGEE’s solid history and foundation

Founded: 1949
Nasdaq Symbol: APOG

LEED® Gold Headquarters:
4400 West 78th Street Ste 520
Minneapolis, MN 55435
(952) 835-1874

Apogee Enterprises, Inc. 

Linetec is a part of Apogee Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq: APOG), a leading provider of architectural products and services for enclosing buildings, and glazing products for framing art.  Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Apogee’s portfolio of industry-leading products and services includes high-performance architectural glass, windows, curtainwall, storefront and entrance systems, integrated project management and installation services, as well as value-added glass and acrylic for custom picture framing and displays. 

All of Apogee’s businesses have a shared ambition to deliver superior results, guided by a customer-first approach, and backed up by the financial and operational strength of an industry leader.  We aim higher, think bigger, and strive to create peak value in everything we do.  

For more information, visit www.apog.com.

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Linetec History


Linetec Founded

Apogee Enterprises Inc. Launches Architectural Finish Division

Linetec was founded in 1983, by its parent company Apogee Enterprises Inc. Apogee's companies specialize in glass, coatings and architectural products, so establishing a finishing company focused on architectural products was a natural fit.

The increasing demand by architects for windows of different colors spawned Linetec. As hardly anyone was specializing in coating architectural products, this was a niche waiting to be filled. Linetec started in Wausau, Wisconsin in June of 1983 with a small facility and a single paint line. Scott Platta managed Linetec with 20 employees and a 40,000 square foot building capable of applying enamel, acrylic and Kynar paint finishes. Linetec was only the second paint line in the U.S. to paint Kynar coatings in a single pass.

Linetec's First Project is 34-Story Kuwait High-Rise


In 1984, Linetec's field service department was founded and sent on its first project to a 34-story, high-rise bank in Kuwait.

Dale Robinson, a paint line supervisor was sent to Kuwait to inspect the project. Upon review, the only thing wrong with the material was the fact that they were off-loading it with wire cable, wrapping chains around it, and pulling it to the jobsite. Dale has since gone on to lead Linetec's field service as the field service manager. Linetec's concern for the environment was evident as far back as 1984, when an environmental compliance officer was hired to coordinate all Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agency compliance activities.

Linetec Adds Anodize Coating

Linetec Adds Anodizing & Powder Coating Capabilities

Linetec subsequently expanded its finishing offering to its customers by adding anodizing and powder coating lines.

In 1986, a $4 million automated anodizing line was installed in its own facility across the street from the paint plant.

LInetec Adds Environment Friendly Thermal Oxidizer

Linetec has set the standard for environmentally-friendly finishing operations.

In 1994, Linetec invested $2M in a thermal oxidizer.

The oxidizer eliminates harmful chemicals prior to them being released into the atmosphere, and enables Linetec to continue to apply high-performance liquid paint coatings, while operating 98.8% air-pollution-free.

Linetec trucking covers distribution points thru much of U.S.

Linetec Adds Fleet of Trucks

Linetec has gone far beyond just providing reliable deliveries and trucking services.

In 1995, Linetec added a fleet of trucks to provide regular pick-up and delivery services, with distribution points and covering much of the U.S.

Linetec shares space with PVC Fabrication


In 1999, Linetec provided part of its factory space to help incubate a PVC fabrication business, Polywood Fabrication.

This business, which provides finished interior shutter panels to retail dealers throughout the U.S., has since established its own facility, consolidating all of its U.S. fabrication centers in Wausau.

Trucking Frequency Expands

Trucking expands to 20 Weekly TRUCK Runs

By 2001 Linetec trucking grew to more than 20 weekly truck runs throughout the U.S., demonstrating the benefit and value this service has to its customers.

Linetec Adds Powder Coating

Powder Coating Line Added to Linetec

In January of 2005, Linetec added its powder coat operation to it's product offerings to meet customer's expanding needs.


Linetec values-based culture has earned our company several regional and national honors and awards, including the Wisconsin Governor’s Award as an Exemplary Employer, The #1 Best Place to Work in the architect products and glass industry, Outstanding Achievement Award for Excellence in Safety, Community Challenge Award, Crystal Achievement Award and the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award.

Today, after numerous plant expansions and developments, our high-tech finishing plants, provide nearly one million square feet of automated finishing capacity.

Photo credits: Loewen, RA Kennedy