In-House Blending

The in-house blending lab allows Linetec to match colors and blend paints without having to wait for the paint suppliers to blend and deliver them to Linetec.

Linetec's blending lab has six individual mix and match color systems, encompassing the three leading high-performance paint manufacturers, giving us the ability to meet or exceed all AAMA paint specifications: 2603, 2604 and 2605. These paint blending systems give us the ability to fully control the color match, ensuring customers receive the best color consistency possible.

The color match computers scan color samples and provide the recipe of tints and bases to precisely match the color sample. Using this equipment, Linetec's lab associates can match anything form a piece of metal, to a section of masonry, to a swatch of fabric.

Color matches are created on small metal panels and sent to the customer for approval. Having in-house blending capabilities allows us to better meet our customers needs in hours not days or weeks. Typically customer sample and color match requests are processed and completed in 24 hours for most in-house blendable colors. Upon color approval, Linetec will produce the coating in the blending kitchen where anywhere from one to several thousand gallons of the specific color will be produced.

In addition to Linetec's expansive color matching and paint producing capabilities, is our paint storage vault. Within the storage vault, a working inventory of approximately 15,000 gallons of paint is maintained. This stock is based on current and future customer needs, assuring the exact color on the final project material release as the first. This eliminates any potential color variation when the entire project is not painted at the same time.

Sample Color chips

Linetec can supply color sample chips for any order or quote. Requests for samples can be made on-line, with our Quoting Department or Inside Sales Representative. Typical response time is 48 hours on most In-house blendable colors and all anodize colors. Non in-house blendable samples may take up to 2 weeks depending on the paint system, type, color, and vendor. Information needed to supply samples include finish code, finish type, job name, quantity of samples and ship to address.

Each color sample will have key information documented on the back if the chip. Color name, finish type, paint/anodize code, number of coats required, and if it is in-house blendable or non in-house blendable. Samples are shipped standard ground delivery.

Color Intermix System
In-House Blending

Blending Kitchen

Linetec's in-house color matching system utilizes multiple interfaced computer and color match systems - including Hunter Lab Spectrophotometers - to match and blend Kynar and baked enamel coating systems.

Linetec Paint Lab

Intermix Color System

Linetec's color intermix system holds over 30,000 unique colors in its database, with the ability to match almost any color in-house. You can be assured that Linetec will provide the perfect color for your project.

IN-House Blend Ovens

Sample Color Chip Oven

Paint color chip samples are created by Linetec's in-house lab associate per request and cured in our sample chip oven.

The Linetec associate verifies color after the paint chip has cured, prior to the samples being sent out to the customer.

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