Linetec Managed Inventory

Linetec's Managed Inventory program allows the customer to maintain a Lean Inventory and gives Linetec the ability to pull and finish the customers material in any color, any finish and any quantity.

This LMI program provides customers with the opportunity to stock mill finish material at our facility, direct from the extruder. Linetec's receiving department verifies counts upon delivery, then stores customer material in a cantilever storage system. This "off the floor" storage system eliminates damage to inventoried material. When orders are placed, the selected stock is pulled from inventory and finished per customer specifications.

Benefits of Linetec Managed Inventory

Linetec Managed Inventory

Managed Inventory.  Reduction of inventory with only one set of mill finish extrusions needed. Linetec will work directly with extruder providing Lean Inventory, inspection of material, count verification, damage reports and handling of scrap. Linetec initiated ordering is available to avoid stock-out profiles.

Reporting. Linetec monitors the amount of metal on hand and sends periodic inventory reports along with cycle counts, average inventory turns, minimum and maximum inventory levels and high and low mover reports.

Linetec Managed Inventory Customer Portal.   Linetec on-line customer portal gives customer 24/7 real-time visibility of their LMI material inventory. The customer portal also provides order status, material turn information, on-time delivery metrics, shipping and tracking information and more.

Trucking & Freight Program. Reduced freight costs with all product pulled, finished and shipped from one inventory. Linetec managed trucking presents reduced lead times, coordination of freight, dedicated trucks, customer specific packaging and 27 Linetec trucks providing damage-free deliveries. (Contact Linetec for route availability).

  Saving Potential.   Linetec's facilities become an extension of the customers business as a fully-integrated partner. Linetec's customers will see savings with inventory reduction, no double packaging required, less scrap, reduced handling, reduced freight costs (only one way), freed-up manufacturing floor space and faster lead times.
LMI Qualifications

Linetec's managed inventory program was developed to help our customers reduce overhead, optimize shipping costs, eliminate the "caught short-handed" scenario and shorten lead-times.

Combined with cycle counting and reporting services, with the following guidelines, the LMI service can be an extension of a customers' own operation.

  • Stored inventory should be in mill finish so liquid, anodize and powder coat orders can all be pulled from one inventory.
  • Each inventoried profile can be stocked in up to two different lengths
  • Inventory levels are agreed upon based on customers finishing needs
  • Purchase orders can utilize both profiles pulled from inventory and project specific material sent to Linetec
  • Linetec performs regular cycle counts and customer has real time visibility of allocated and available inventories on-line 24/7
Inspection of Material

Linetec does not intentionally inspect customer material for flaws in metal or workmanship. It is the responsibility of the customer to control and approve manufacturing tolerance on their material.

Linetec will notify the customer of any obvious visible damage to bundles, skids or boxes that may be related to transfer or freight process.

If questionable damage is identified during processing, the customer will be notified as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of Linetec personnel to determine if the material should continue in the process or be held for customer determination.

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