Energy-Saving Thermal Barrier Systems

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Going green is an opportunity to satisfy our customers to a higher degree while saving energy and reducing impact on the environment.

The future is now. No longer is sustainable design a lofty goal or an aspiration reserved for the ambitious few.

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Thermal Comfort

Linetec provides manufacturers with two options - pour and debridge and thermal strut - to achieve significant improvement in thermal performance of window, door and curtainwall systems.

Both energy saving systems can contribute to earning performance points toward LEED certification.

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Aluminum is a highly thermal conductive material that will rapidly transfer exterior climatic temperature unless something is done to stop the thermal conduction. A thermal barrier system will improve thermal performance while maintaining the structural and long-term durability of the fenestration unit. Customers that choose Linetec, can rely on our thermal barrier service to ensure optimal performance of the thermal barrier.

Thermal insulating strut can contribute to earning performance points toward LEED® Certification, the Green Building Rating System.

Energy & Atmosphere    1-10 points - two (2) points mandatory
EA Credit 1     Optimize Energy Performance

Achieving increasing levels of energy performance above the prerequisite standard to reduce environmental impacts associated with excessive energy use.

Indoor Environmental Quality     one (1) point
EQ Credit 7.1     Thermal Comfort, Design

Provide for a comfortable thermal environment that supports the productivity and well-being of the building occupants.

Eco-Friendly Finishes
Grand Rapids Ballet - LEED Platinum Bldg

Eco-Friendly Anodize

As a result of industry demand for better aesthetics and sustainable design goals, Linetec converted it's process to eco-friendly anodize.

Linetec's eco-friendly anodize offers LEED credit potential.

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Research Triangle Foundation Hdqtrs - LEED Silver

Kynar 500® PVDF Resin-Based Paint Coatings

Kynar® coatings have been the proven mainstay in the architectural industry for decades.

Linetec captures and destroys the VOCs present in liquid solvent-based paints at the factory before arrival on the building site.

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Powder Coat - residential home

High Performance Powder Coat

Powder coatings emit ultra-low levels of VOCs during manufacturing and application.

They have a well-earned reputation for hardness and durability. The powder coat industry has made steady advances in technology to reach architectural performance standards.

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