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Linetec assists building projects seeking

Linetec's finishing services help buildings seeking certification under the LEED Green Building rating System. Key credit areas noted in LEED-2009 New Construction and Major Renovation Version 3 include:

Materials and Resources – Building Reuse (credit 1.1-1.2)
Linetec’s full-time field service team can apply air-dry paints on-site to restore and refurbish the original, factory-painted coating on weathered aluminum panels, window frames, railings and more.

Materials and Resources – Construction Waste Management
(credit 2)

Several types of re-useable containers can be provided for aluminum components that are shipped directly from Linetec’s factory to the construction site, diverting construction debris from disposal in landfills.

Materials and Resources – Recycled Content (credit 4)
Recycled liquid paint, recycled finished aluminum, and recycled (secondary billet) extrusion are all materials that Linetec’s services enhance. Documentation helps further support the building team’s environmental efforts.

  • Anodized aluminum from a previous project or a manufacturer’s inventory can be stripped, recoated with either a painted or anodized finish, and re-used.
  • Until recently, secondary billet with 60-70% post-industrial, recycled aluminum was typically painted. Linetec’s customers now have a choice of either painted or eco-friendly anodized finishes allowing them to use secondary billet to its full potential, warranted with confidence that the finish will perform as intended.

Indoor Environmental Quality – Low-Emitting Materials (credit 4.2)
Linetec’s Field Service team offers a no- or low-VOC (volatile organic compound), environmentally-responsible coating system for on-site, interior repair and restoration of architectural aluminum products’ finishes. This air-dry, on-site finishing option from Linetec helps preserve commercial and residential properties’ green goals, as well as performance and aesthetics.

Indoor Environmental Quality – Thermal Comfort (credit 7.1)
Linetec provides manufacturers with two options – pour and debridge, and thermal strut -- to achieve significant improvement in thermal performance of window, door and curtainwall systems.

Innovation & Design Process – Innovation in Design (credit 1)
Current LEED criteria recognize the benefits of low- and no-VOC materials specifically for interior finishes, painted on-site. The Innovation & Design category presents green building and construction team with an opportunity to seek the same recognition for exterior finishes.

Linetec offers factory-applied, no-VOC (volatile organic compound) powder paint and anodize finishes for both exterior and interior applications. For liquid Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based coatings, Linetec uses specialized equipment to safely capture 100% of the VOCs released in the painting process, and to destroy these captured VOCs with 98.5% efficiency at the factory - before arrival to the building site.

Building projects earn Innovation & Design LEED credits by demonstrating quantifiable environmental benefits through new strategies and techniques not specifically detailed in the LEED Rating Systems.

Eco-Friendly Finishes
Grand Rapids Ballet - LEED Platinum

Eco-Friendly Anodize

As a result of industry demand for better aesthetics and sustainable design goals, Linetec converted it's process to eco-friendly anodize.

Linetec's eco-friendly anodize offers LEED credit potential.

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Research Triangle Foundation Hdqrs - LEED Sliver

Kynar 500® PVDF Resin-Based Paint Coatings

Kynar® coatings have been the proven mainstay in the architectural industry for decades.

Linetec captures and destroys the VOCs present in liquid solvent-based paints at the factory before arrival on the building site.

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Powder Coat - residential home

High Performance Powder Coat

Powder coatings emit ultra-low levels of VOCs during manufacturing and application.

They have a well-earned reputation for hardness and durability. The powder coat industry has made steady advances in technology to reach architectural performance standards.

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Energy-Saving Thermal Barrier Systems
Bronx Library

Thermal Comfort

Linetec provides manufacturers with two options - pour and debridge and thermal strut - to achieve significant improvement in thermal performance of window, door and curtainwall systems.

Both energy saving systems can contribute to earning performance points toward LEED certification.

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