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Time to shine: Add sparkle and shimmer with mica and metallic coatings

mica and metallic coatings

Delivering a shining shimmer and a vibrant, visual appeal, mica and metallic coatings can add the extra sparkle your projects need to attract attention and tenants. Creating a unique, modern aesthetic, these coatings make a memorable impression on any architectural aluminum product. Their striking appearance is most noticeable on large wall panel systems, canopies, sun […]

Linetec People to know: Angie Hupf

Q:  Tell me about your job A:  I am the vice president of human resources for Linetec and Wausau Window and Wall Systems. I have the opportunity to work with our greatest assets – all of the associates of these two great organizations.   Q: What did you do prior to Linetec? A:  I worked with […]

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