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Architectural Color Trends for 2018

We rely more heavily on our sight than on any other sense – we are [...]

Linetec and Valspar provides consistent, durable finish for Aspen Art Museum

At nearly 8,000 feet above sea level, Aspen, Colorado, is known for its mountain ski [...]

Linetec finished project wins MCA's 2014 Chairman Awards

MCA’s 2014 Chairman Awards Institutional Award Winner: Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral in Port Canaveral, [...]

Skylight finished by Linetec crowns The Alfond Inn at Rollins, Florida

The domed skylight crowning The Alfond Inn’s large atrium quickly has become known as the [...]

Linetec applies Kameleon Paint to Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral

Kameleon Color paint creates color-changing, iridescent exterior for Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral  Linetec finishes Firestone’s [...]

Paint Coatings offered by Linetec that meet AAMA2605

The leading manufacturers of  high-performance, 70% Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) resin-based architectural coatings are PPG, Valspar, [...]

Top Color Trends for 2013 – According to Valspar

Let’s start the year with a fresh set of paint color selections. Finding a perfect [...]

Architectural Color and Design: Why Can’t I Get Bright Red Anymore?

Bright, dramatic colors have always been an influential part of the color palette in architectural [...]