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Salt Lake City’s net-zero-energy Fire Station No. 14 earns LEED Gold

Recently featured in Glass Magazine, Salt Lake City’s Fire Station No. 14 earned LEED Gold [...]

Finishing considerations for educational facilities

Best in Class Campuses welcoming students, teachers and staff back to in-person classes have, at [...]

Thermal requirements for warm climates

In warm climates and summer months, air conditioning and natural ventilation provide relief from the [...]

Linetec People to Know: Darrel Schwartz

Q: Tell me about your job A: I manage the LMI and thermal operations at [...]

Thermal pour-and-debridge services enhance energy efficiency and comfort

Contributing to commercial and residential properties’ energy efficiency goals, high thermal performance has become an [...]

Linetec offers thermally improved, curved extrusions, finished and fully warrantied

Linetec now provide thermal improvement services for curved and radius, finished aluminum extrusions backed with an [...]

Linetec enhances its pour and debridge services by adding Azon’s Lancer

Enhancing our pour-and-debridge thermal improvement services, Linetec has added an Azon Lancer™ to provide mechanical [...]

Thermal Improvement Services

The main function of a thermal break system is to separate an aluminum profile into [...]