Whether you appreciate ancient Roman, Arabic or Chinese architecture, or you admire the modern designs by Zaha Hadid or Frank Gehry, almost everyone is attracted to structures with contours and curves. Regardless of era or culture, the strength and beauty of an arched shape appeal to us at a physiological level. While neuroscientists have proven that humans are hardwired to prefer the perceived safety of soft curves to sharp angles, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see the allure.

Historic architecture incorporated arches ranging from round, semicircular to pointed equilateral and lancet shapes. Multi-curved trefoils, wide elliptical and capped ogee and Tudor arches evolved with engineering skill and artistic flair. In the 20th century, we went from mathematically theorized, polynomial parabolas, to computer-generated renderings and 3-D models, to full-scale free-form serpentine and spiraling structures.

To bring these inspired concepts to reality, architects rely on the verified, dependable performance of aluminum paired with modern fabrication techniques and a durable, attractive finish to complete the desired aesthetic. Stretch forming with Linetec allows you to easily incorporate curves with your finished aluminum framing for window, skylight, storefront, curtainwall and entrance systems.

Stretch-formed aluminum initially was developed for the aerospace industry. It maintains precise dimensions throughout a curve and produces perfectly contoured products, with a smooth surface. This method of curving eliminates several conventional fabrication and welding steps, allowing you to create flowing, curved shapes to complement and contrast with the straight lines, square corners and angled geometry typical of contemporary construction.

Through our partnership with Southern Stretch Forming, we can produce any number of curved shapes and cross sections. You can use stretch forming to create spirals, serpentine shapes, ellipses and arches. Classic shapes like half circles (180 degrees), eyebrow curves (135 degrees) and gothic arches are popular requests.

We can stretch form arc lengths up to 260 inches long and can shape curves as tight as 10 inches wide. For unique and compound curves, we can custom design a new form to meet your exact needs and finish the resulting shape as specified in your choice of high-performance architectural coatings or anodize finishes.

Along with our vast selection of colorful coatings, we also offer custom color matching and specialty finishes. Textured terra cotta and spattercoat finishes can replicate natural materials like stone, brick and marble that can be difficult and expensive to fabricate for a curved design. Linetec’s mica and metallic coatings and anodize finishes highlight the metallic appearance in a variety of silver, bronze and copper tones.

Whatever your project requires, we can help you find the right finish for your curved material to add long-lasting performance and visual interest.

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