Let’s start the year with a fresh set of paint color selections. Finding a perfect color for your project can be challenging. Valspar brings many inspirations, tips and tools to ease the color selection process.


“Color, like features, follow the changes of emotions.”  Pablo Picasso

Valspar has completed intense research, analysis and forecasting  to learn about the immediate and long terms goals of it’s market. These color trends are refined into sets of pallets that tell an overarching story.

They have found that we are moving into untested grounds. A place where things are not so simple and clear — and the boundaries are blurred. So as we explore different ways to deal with uncertainty, this gives us a sense of control, not just playful escape. It is our innate urge to live out and find ingenious ways to enrich our life, habitat and future.

Use of color is an important aspect of architecture can sometimes be overlooked.Colors and forms merge to develop energy, reflective of contemporary urban landscapes. Imposing structures can affect how we go about our everyday lives and can impact city living in a positive way.


Warm mica and metallic finishes have recently emerged within silver and gray colors.  Warm, pearlised painted aluminum are starting to take a stronghold. Brushed and polished aluminum finishes are also emerging as a newer trend.

Color-Matters_blackBlack is an elemental color for all creative’s with its striking aesthetics. An increased use of matte black and soft-touch blacks are surfacing through architectural  products and design. The dark black hue creates  a striking contrast with natural surroundings, particularly in areas where vegetation is rich.


Color-Matters_curve-appealThese bold colored hues drive trends of inspiration and experimental finishes. Carefully used bold colors in architecture bring another experience into the environment and space.  As colors are becoming more important in our lives, these bold hues are coming forward in architectural design.

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