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Protective qualities of antimicrobial coatings

The antimicrobial agents are infused during the 70% PVDF resin-based coating’s manufacturing process. These high-performance [...]

USGlass honors Linetec with Green Award

Linetec’s Bordeaux Anodize was honored as one of only seven industry-wide 2020 Green Award Winners [...]

Back to the office: Linetec supports attractive, “green” and clean workspaces

Choosing high-performance, durable, easy-to-clean finishes for architectural aluminum products supports companies’ goals to create attractive, [...]

Finishing considerations for educational facilities

Best in Class Campuses welcoming students, teachers and staff back to in-person classes have, at [...]

Brushed Anodize offers unique option for aluminum finishes

Linetec introduces Brushed Anodize as a new, unique aesthetic option for extruded and flat sheet [...]

Terra Cotta textured finishes celebrate ancient beauty and modern performance

Terra cotta, Italian for “baked earth,” is a clay-based material used historically in Asian and [...]

Light Metal Age features Linetec’s Copper Anodize on Silicon Valley offices

The attractive appearance and high-performance durability and sustainability of Linetec’s Copper Anodize finish was highlighted [...]