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HyVee Arena’s modern, multi-level sports complex repurposes historic, single-story building and relies on Linetec to provide high-performance, custom-color finishes and thermal improvement

Considered the nation’s first multi-level sports complex, HyVee Arena adaptively reused the historic Kemper Arena’s [...]

Linetec publishes five brochures on its expanded capabilities and its anodize, paint and specialty finishing services

As a single source solution for anodize, paint and specialty finishing, as well as value-added [...]

Thermal requirements for warm climates

In warm climates and summer months, air conditioning and natural ventilation provide relief from the [...]

Interior applications

While many are aware of the wide selection of finishing choices available for architectural aluminum [...]

9 FAQ’s about Linetec’s stretch forming services

Choosing a single partner to curve and finish your architectural aluminum products provides you with [...]

Linetec offers on-site repair and restoration finishing services for architectural aluminum products

Linetec’s field service team supports building owners, facility managers and contractors with on-site repair and [...]

Why does Linetec operate its own trucking service?

With condensed construction schedules and limited room at the job site, we understand how important [...]

Curved, finished and complete – What you should know about architectural stretch forming

Stretch forming was invented during the 1940s with the rise of the aerospace industry for [...]

Faux finish? Check out spattercoat.

Spattercoat finishing can mimic marble, stone, brick and other materials. Linetec offers spattercoat custom finishing [...]

Will it bend? Understanding stretch forming aluminum

Choosing a single partner to curve and finisher your architectural aluminum products offers a more [...]