Linetec’s field service team supports building owners, facility managers and contractors with on-site repair and restoration of finished, installed architectural aluminum products. This may include new construction where finished material was damaged during installation, existing properties where finished material has faded and discolored prematurely, or renovation and historical projects where finished material must be restored in place.

“As the country’s leading and largest factory applicator of architectural spray finishes, Linetec is unique in our ability to offer restoration services of unparalleled quality,” said Dale Robinson, Linetec’s field service manager. “Almost any situation can be repaired by our experienced field service team: Freight damage, graffiti removal, anodize refinishing, ding and dent repair, metallic field finishing, interior or exterior repair, etc. – all qualify as potential field repair projects for our team.”

Linetec’s staff utilizes fluoropolymer resin-based air-dry system coatings, known as ADS coatings. These are formulated for repairing, restoring and/or repainting aluminum material that was factory-finished in a similarly formulated coating. The ADS coatings applied by Linetec’s field service team meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s most stringent industry standard, AAMA 2605.

Coatings that meet AAMA 2605 resist marring, abrasions, chalking, UV radiation, heat and humidity; withstand airborne pollution without staining; and support long-term color- and gloss-retention. The finished architectural aluminum material cleans easily and requires minimal maintenance.

These ADS coatings only can be applied by a licensed fluoropolymer applicator, such as Linetec. “For any repair other than a small scratch or blemish, we strongly suggest that you call on us to inspect the situation and determine the best suitable paint or repair procedure. On-site refinishing and restoration of architectural projects requires specialized equipment, professional people and specific knowledge that only comes with years of experience,” cautioned Robinson. “To minimize disruption, Linetec’s field service team will do repairs or repaint day or night, around the building owner’s and occupants’ schedules.”

He continued, “Surface preparation, application and finish should all be properly executed for a long-lasting finish. A minor mistake in any segment of repair can cause major problems over time.” Field repair projects utilizing Linetec’s fluoropolymer resin-based ADS coatings are warranted on an individual basis, typically five years from the date of completion.

To request a job-site visit or quotation from Linetec’s field service team, please call Linetec at 715-843-4100 or email