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Linetec enhances its pour and debridge services by adding Azon’s Lancer

Enhancing our pour-and-debridge thermal improvement services, Linetec has added an Azon Lancer™ to provide mechanical surface conditioning of the aluminum extrusion cavity to ensure maximum adhesion of the thermal barrier polymer to durable, architectural finishes. Pour-and-debridge thermal barrier systems use a two-part polyurethane that is poured into and cured within a “dog bone” structural cavity […]

Linetec video tour of our paint and anodize facilities

[wpvideo 0Qve5Zqs] With our attention to detail, fully automated facilities and processes, unsurpassed customer service, and the best employees, Linetec is recognized as the most reliable, highest service and best quality finisher in the industry. This Linetec facility tour showcases both our paint and anodize facilities.

Linetec adds 90-degree strut thermal improvement capabilities

90-degree thermal strut in a single step “Linetec is one of very few companies in North America to provide 90-degree thermal strip with a single pass using Technoform Bautec’s polyamide insulating strips and Müller Technologies AG’s knurling equipment to install the strip simultaneously on two planes of material,” explains Bart Hensley, sales engineer at Technoform […]

Stretch Forming by Linetec now available

Aluminum finishing, curving and thermal improvement services all provided at a single location As building projects continue to push the limits in vision and design, Linetec continues to expand its value-added services. Linetec will soon offer stretch forming, which allows architectural product manufactures to have their metal building components curved and finished in one location. […]

Linetec Facility Address Change

Due to Linetec’s recent anodize facility expansion, 75th Avenue has become part of Linetec’s property and is no longer a city street.  This means our mailing address must change. Linetec’s official mailing address is now 7500 Stewart Avenue, Wausau WI  54401.  The post office will continue to deliver mail that has our old address on […]

Class I and Class II Anodize – What is the Difference?

Class I and Class II anodic coatings are designations created by the Aluminum Association for the purpose of codifying the specification of anodized aluminum. Class I coating has a mil thickness of 0.7 (18 microns) or greater Class II coating has a minimum mil thickness of 0.4 (10 microns) Class I coating is a high […]

Linetec expands anodize facility, increases capacity, grows staff

At Linetec, we are building a 30,000-square-foot addition to the anodize facility in Wausau, Wis. To support the addition and growth of business, we also are increasing the anodize staff by more than 10 percent. By January 2014, a 33 percent increase in capacity for anodize finishing of architectural aluminum will be on-line and available.  […]

Technoform thermal barrier system installed at Houghton Academy

  Buffalo Public School #69 – Houghton Academy Linetec, Wausau Window and Wall Systems and Technoform Bautec North America, Inc., contribute to the updated appearance and enhanced performance of historic Houghton Academy in Buffalo, N.Y. Along with refreshed façade, the elementary school’s modern windows feature Technoform Bautec’s polyamide thermal barrier for energy efficiency, structural performance […]

Thermal Improvement Services

The main function of a thermal break system is to separate an aluminum profile into two parts to reduce thermal conductivity in a window. The two ways of doing this are by using poured polyurethane or polyamide insulating strips. Aluminum is a highly thermal conductive material that will rapidly transfer exterior climatic temperature unless something […]