As the New Year revs up, licensed architects are eager to earn their annual continuing education credits. Check out to earn 2.0 of the 18.0 Learning Units (LUs) needed to fulfill American Institute of Architects (AIA) Architect membership requirements, and help gain and maintain state licensure.

Learn with Linetec Homepage ScreenshotWe currently offer two online, on-demand, video AIA-approved Continuing Education Series (CES) courses:

  • “Architectural Design Opportunities: Utilizing high-performance coatings,” which describes paint and anodize application processes for architectural aluminum products along with new design and customization opportunities.
  • “Architectural Coatings: Weathering, performance and application of high-performance coatings,” which details weathering performance and sustainable goals of architectural PVDF paints, baked enamels, powder coating and anodize finishes including the strengths and weaknesses of each when applied to aluminum building products.

To take our online AIA/CES courses, visit Learn with Linetec at to complete the simple registration form. A profile will be automatically generated for registered users to immediately begin learning. The video format allows users to pause and progress through sequential lessons and then take a brief quiz after completing the coursework. Upon passing, users will automatically have the opportunity to download a completion certificate. If AIA/CES credit is requested, Linetec will process the submission.

Learn with Linetec Course Screenshot

“Architectural Design Opportunities” and “Architectural Coatings” also may be requested as live presentations. In addition, Linetec offers “Architectural Anodize Coatings: Strengths, characteristics and performance” (1.0 LU) as an in-person presentation. Watch for future online courses and educational content to be added to Learn with Linetec.

Each year, AIA Architect and International Associate members are required to complete 18.0 LUs, 18 hours, from registered AIA/CES providers. AIA requirements can differ from the continuing education requirements of state licensing boards, which vary from state to state.

Many states do not allow carry-over credits. Some states require a minimum amount of continuing education in specific topics like accessibility, sustainable design or ethics. Visit to learn more about the continuing education requirements required by the AIA and state license boards.

For personalized assistance in selecting your architectural finishes, please contact your Linetec client development manager.