Balancing biophilic elements with rugged durability, Mountain Modern living spaces are recognized by expansive window views, exposed timber framing, natural materials and colors, and textured finishes. Exteriors heavily emphasize solid and sawn wood, hewn and full-size stone masonry, sturdy metal connections and framing, and earth tones.

Built to withstand an alpine environment, pronounced overhangs further define Mountain Modern architecture. These deep roof extensions protect the home from the high-altitude sun and storms, while expanding indoor/outdoor living. Beneath the overhangs and eaves, large windows and entrances open to fresh mountain air and frame dramatic views.

Architectural aluminum products with durable finishes by Linetec can combine the desired appearance and necessary performance for these demanding environments. Selecting a suitable finish for these windows and doors involves both an aesthetic choice of color and a practical decision to protect the framing material in harsh mountainous climates.

Purple Mountain Majesties

If a Mountain Modern home’s color palette includes purple, it mostly likely tends toward a deep burgundy. A broad range of purples are available in painted coatings. As an experienced architectural finishing provider, Linetec also offers rich bordeaux or copper as anodize options to complement these nature-inspired designs.

Anodize finishes typically are available in metallic tones. Dark bronzes contrast with lighter stone surfaces, while lighter bronze tones harmonize with surrounding woodwork. Clear anodize, which registers as a silver, can be used for more ultra-modern mountain homes.

Anodized and painted, black color finishes add a bold outline to frame impressive views. A spectrum of brown, beige, gray, yellow-orange, blue-green and other grounded tones let the fenestration framing fully integrate with its Mountain Modern setting. Reminiscent of snow-capped peaks, white-hued painted finishes allow interior framing members to seemingly disappear to prioritize daylight and outdoor vistas.

Linetec’s textured wood grain finishes can replicate numerous species to match the feel and look of local or exotic species. Our specialty terra cotta and spatter coat finishes can mimic the visual and tactile qualities of clay or stone. Micas and metallics also enhance our painted finishes to sparkle and shimmer in the mountain sun.

Peak performance

Because of the high elevation at which mountain homes are built, they face weather and temperature extremes and they need a finish to match.

Linetec’s anodized finishes are extremely durable with surface hardness comparable to a sapphire, making them excellent for extreme environments. When specified to meet AAMA 611, Class I anodize provides the highest performance for continuous outdoor exposure. Anodized aluminum is an inert, noncombustible material, is 100% recyclable and poses no health risks, fitting in with the Mountain Modern design preference toward natural materials.

Painted 70% PVDF resin-based coatings specified to AAMA 2605 also meet the requirements for mountain applications. Both our 70% PVDF coatings and Class I anodize finishes retain their color and other properties under intense UV rays in high altitudes. These versatile high-performance finishes also protect the metal in wet, snowy conditions or dry, high desert climates.

Properly specified, applied and installed, finished aluminum windows and doors ensure a long-lasting, carefully curated appearance for Mountain Modern homes.

Please contact your Linetec representative for personalized assistance in selecting and specifying finishes for your Mountain Modern home projects.

Photos courtesy of Weather Shield Windows & Doors and Linetec