Architectural aluminum products capture the senses with the look and feel of real wood, but without the maintenance. Achieving this desirable appearance, texture, performance and durability, Linetec’s specialty wood grain finish relies on the highest quality materials, sophisticated automated equipment and trained operators.

At Linetec, our wood grain finish system uses specially formulated powders, inks and films combined with a refined heat-transfer dye sublimation process. Essentially, temperature and pressure cause pigments to transfer onto the aluminum’s powder-coated surface, but the entire process is a little more complicated.

Watch our video to see the many steps involved in ensuring the finish meets your specification requirements with impeccable wood grain lines and vivid natural colors on your aluminum architectural products.

See how we carefully prepare and finish the aluminum pieces based on your wood grain selection:

  • First, a powder coat base is applied to protect the aluminum and impart either a smooth or textured surface.
  • Then, the aluminum is wrapped with printed film and sealed airtight.
  • While under a vacuum, the pieces are inserted into a giant oven and heated to a precise temperature. During this process, the ink from the film turns into a gas, transfers into the powder coat, then changes back into a solid. The original color and position of the ink is fixed into the piece, creating your chosen wood grain finish.
  • After the ink is completely transferred, the aluminum parts are cooled and the transfer film removed.
  • Finally, each finished piece is hand-inspected to ensure quality and consistency. This results in your aluminum products achieving the attributes of real wood without the drawbacks.

Working with Linetec as your single-source solution for specialty wood grain and other architectural finishes, we can accommodate your extrusions up to 290 inches in length and flat sheets of 4 feet by 12 feet. These coatings meet the AAMA 2604 specification, ensuring a durable surface that retains its color and gloss.

To learn more about Linetec’s specialty wood grain coatings for aluminum please visit our webpage.

For personalized assistance in selecting specialty finish options for your next project, please contact your local representative.

Linetec's Walnut wood grain finish on aluminum
Linetec's Walnut wood grain finish on aluminum