The Construction Specifier’s most recent edition features “Specifying Antimicrobial Coatings for Architectural Aluminum,” authored by Linetec’s Tammy Schroeder. As a single-source solution for architectural finishing, Linetec provides antimicrobial paint coatings and continually shares its knowledge with building owners, facility managers, architects, specifiers and product manufacturers.

The five-page educational article offers research-based, technical insights on antimicrobial coatings for architectural aluminum products.
It describes:

  • Popular applications for these coatings in high-traffic buildings and on high-touch surfaces
  • Common types of microorganisms include bacteria, algae, fungi and mold
  • How antimicrobial agents enhance architectural coatings, and inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria on the finished surface
  • Sample specification language to ensure the highest performance, durable, architectural coatings with antimicrobial technology
  • Laboratory test results that validate these coatings’ effectiveness at resisting the growth on the coating of mold, stains and odor-causing bacteria
  • Environmentally responsible best practices for factory-applied antimicrobial coatings, and their care and maintenance for a long lifespan
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The article concludes with the reminder that “The antimicrobial protection that is built into these high-performance architectural coatings during their manufacturing process works continuously for the useful lifetime of the coating.”

Read the full digital feature article in The Construction Specifier’s February edition.

For personalized assistance in selecting antimicrobial coatings or other finish options for your next project, please contact your local representative.

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