Antimicrobial Protection

for  Architectural Aluminum

Antimicrobial Protection for Architectural Aluminum

Linetec introduces the use of antimicrobial protection for high-touch, architectural metal products’ exterior and interior surfaces, such as doors, windows, curtainwall, entrances, panels and column covers.

24/7 Protection:
Antimicrobial protection is infused into select Linetec 70% PVDF-based fluoropolymer product finishes helping to inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria that may affect the surface of the coating. It protects product finishes from microorganisms such as bacteria that may cause odor and deterioration of the physical properties of the coating.

How it Works:
When moisture is present, the ion exchange mechanism in the antimicrobial finish is activated and silver cations are released. The released silver acts on odor causing bacterial by disrupting metabolism and reproduction.

Lasting Performance Backed By An Industry Leader:
Utilizing the latest technology in PVDF-based finishes that meet AAMA 2605 and antimicrobial finishes, Linetec provides your products with extra protection that exceeds other conventional finishes.

Where It's Used:
The antimicrobial product protection offered by Linetec in it's finishes, works continuously to help prevent the growth of damaging stain and odor causing bacteria on the coating of aluminum surfaces for such facilities as hospitals, schools or anywhere the growth of such microorganisms are a concern.

What Are the Color Options:
The antimicrobial product protection offered by Linetec is available in nearly any color option; standard and custom colors, mica and metallic coatings.

How to Specify:
PVDF-based, AAMA 2605, fluoropolymer finish containing minimum 70% Kynar® resin, three-coat system with antimicrobial protection, [insert paint code].

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Antimicrobial protection

Whitepaper: Antimicrobial Protection for Public Building Applications

Antimicrobial protection infused into 70% Kynar 500 Fluorosurfactant Free PVDF resin based coatings for public building applications.

Antimicrobial protection
Antimicrobial Coatings

Coatings infused with antimicrobial protection are used to prevent, or limit the growth of, damage causing microorganisms