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Linetec expands anodize facility, increases capacity, grows staff

At Linetec, we are building a 30,000-square-foot addition to the anodize facility in Wausau, Wis. [...]

Maple Grove Public Works Facility with Dri-Design Panels and Linetec Anodize

DRI-DESIGN panels, with Linetec anodize, selected for new public works facility because of its proximity [...]

Care and Cleaning to Maintain Anodized Aluminum

It is crucial that aluminum work be carefully protected at the job site, prior to [...]

Linetec offers over 30,000 color choices

From Dark Ivy to Copper Anodize, Linetec offers 30,000 color choices and distinctive anodize finishes With [...]

Bending and Forming of Anodized Aluminum

Anodized finishes provide outstanding surface properties including excellent resistance to abrasion, erosion, and ultraviolet light [...]

Linetec explains Class I and Class II Anodize

Class I and Class II anodic coatings are designations created by the Aluminum Association for [...]

Architectural Copper Anodize – provided by Linetec

Linetec’s exclusive copper anodize finish maintains its initial copper color and does not patina over time. Architects  owners and residents no longer need to worry about the design [...]

Safeguarding Anodized Aluminum

With its inherent corrosion resistance, aluminum’s ability to maintain structural integrity has been documented for [...]

Guide Specification for High-Performance Architectural Coatings

A new guide specification for factory-applied metal finishes, “Section 05 0513 Shop Applied Coatings for [...]

Eco-Friendly Architectural Anodize

We’ve recently published an anodize white paper – Achieving Success with Architectural Anodize. The white [...]