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Linetec and Valspar provides consistent, durable finish for Aspen Art Museum

At nearly 8,000 feet above sea level, Aspen, Colorado, is known for its mountain ski [...]

Specify Aluminum Stretch Forming with Confidence

Stretch forming is a very accurate and precise method for curving metal extrusions. The level [...]

Linetec offers antimicrobial protection for architectural products

Linetec offers the use of antimicrobial protection for high-touch, architectural metal products’ exterior and interior [...]

Stretch Forming by Linetec

People have been bending and curving metal for centuries, but stretch forming, born from the [...]

Linetec enhances its pour and debridge services by adding Azon’s Lancer

Enhancing our pour-and-debridge thermal improvement services, Linetec has added an Azon Lancer™ to provide mechanical [...]

Linetec adds 90-degree strut thermal improvement capabilities

90-degree thermal strut in a single step “Linetec is one of very few companies in [...]

Class I and Class II Anodize – What is the Difference?

Class I and Class II anodic coatings are designations created by the Aluminum Association for [...]

Thermal Improvement Services

The main function of a thermal break system is to separate an aluminum profile into [...]

Care and Cleaning to Maintain Anodized Aluminum

It is crucial that aluminum work be carefully protected at the job site, prior to [...]