While the attractive appearance of natural metal is always on point, it seems building owners and architects have an increased interest in specifying metallic tones. Many are selecting finishes that accentuate the metal framing of windows, skylights, curtainwall, storefronts and entrances.

Linetec’s architectural coatings can be enhanced with metal flake or carefully formulated to mimic the desired effect. Anodized finishes deliver the optimal combination of metallic tones with the highest level of durability and performance for aluminum-framed fenestration systems.

More colors than you may think

The sleek, metallic look of anodize finishing often is associated with projects striving for a modern design. The elemental appeal of natural metal transcends the confines of a particular era or style.

The spectrum of colors for architectural anodize finishes is narrow, but may include more options than you realize. Clear anodize remains the most frequently specified because it allows the true properties of aluminum to shine, and typically is the most economical choice.

Linetec’s standard colors also provide an affordable way to enhance the allure of aluminum. You also have a choice of champagne, light to dark bronzes, and black. Black is a favorite for minimalistic, contemporary architectural designs. It also is approved for numerous historically styled projects that seek to replicate the look of classic steel windows and doors.

Our proprietary Copper Anodize also bridges both modern and traditional tastes. It can reflect a high-tech, energetic brand and culture, or respectfully honor the old-world heritage of hand-crafted metalwork. Our rich, earthy Bordeaux Anodize challenges assumptions about the color possibilities for this type of finish, while providing reliable, high performance.

Performance that exceeds your expectations

Class I anodize specified to meet AAMA 611 is the performance requirement you want for exterior applications. Complying with this spec, anodize aluminum finishes must withstand continuous outdoor exposure, including coastal conditions. They are tested to meet South Florida weathering conditions for color retention of 10 years or more, salt spray resistance for 3,000 hours or more, and usually are supported with a five- to 10-year warranty.

Class I also proves durable for high-traffic interiors contending with the many hands that touch its surface and regular daily bumps. For interior anodize applications that are out of reach or endure minimal traffic, a Class II specification with a lower mil thickness may be considered.

Benefits that go beyond your customer’s building

Pairing the beauty and lasting performance of anodize finishes with recycled aluminum, thermally broken framing creates a winning combination to meet your customers’ green building goals. Linetec’s anodized aluminum has earned a Declare Label as Living Building Challenge Red List Free. This highest level Declare Label supports the International Living Future Institute’s submission requirements, as well as other projects’ long-term sustainability and wellness goals.

Please contact us for personalized assistance with your sustainable finishing selections and anodize needs.