Q: Tell me about your job
A:  I am the production supervisor that oversees our 1st shift anodize packaging, shipping, and receiving departments.  I work with a great team that really strive to do their best each day.  My days consist of making sure associates have the information and tools to get through their daily tasks. 


Q: What did you do prior to Linetec?
A:  Prior to Linetec I worked for Marathon County as a park ranger. 


Q: What is your favorite part of your job?
A:  Working with great associates. The people here at Linetec are a great team and really care about the work that they do. 

Q: What poses the biggest challenges for you?
A: Right now, we are very busy and understaffed. Each day we come in it seems like we have a giant mountain to climb, whether it be the overloaded packaging schedule or the large number of trucks that need to be loaded or unloaded. I try to spend my day keeping my team motivated, positive and try to help them in any way I can.


Q: What is something you are looking forward to?
A: I have an upcoming trip to Florida. I cannot wait to relax on the beach and hopefully get some fishing in.


Q: Do you collect anything?
A: Nothing that anyone would consider a true collectable, but most of my friends would tell you fishing poles. I think between my boyfriend and I we have close to 50 fishing rods, if not more.

Q: What is something people don’t know about you?
A: I love to travel. I have travelled to 5 countries and 28 states. This is something that I took quite a few years off from and have started getting back into in last couple years. Besides travelling to new places, there are a lot that I would love to go back and visit again. I would love to go back to Europe.


Q: If Linetec gave you a surprise three day paid break to rest and recuperate, what would you do with those three days?
A: Go somewhere, whether it be to Florida on the beach or fishing up north.


Q; If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: Probably a cheeseburger and fries. My boyfriend, Aric, jokes regularly because I always seem to order them when we go out to eat.


Q: What always cheers you up when you think about it?
A: Being on the water. Whether it is fishing, boating, or sitting on an ocean beach. There is just something about any of them that just makes me relaxed.