A new on-demand continuing education course – “Architectural Design Opportunities: Utilizing High-Performance Coatings” – is now available from our online platform, Learn with Linetec, at This is an approved American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Series (AIA/CES) presentation.

“Architectural Design Opportunities” course provides participants with:

  • General knowledge and specifications
  • Industry knowledge and finishing information
  • Design and customization opportunities for long-lasting anodize finishes and painted coatings on architectural aluminum products.

Linetec Sales Manager Tony Pupp headshot
Your course presenter is Linetec’s North Central sales manager, Tony Pupp, who has more than 25 years of experience in high-performance paint and anodize finishing. The video format allows users to pause and progress through sequential lessons and then take a brief quiz after completing the coursework. If AIA/CES credit is requested, we will process your submission.

Continuing your learning opportunities with our previous course, “Architectural Coatings: Weathering, performance and application of high-performance coatings.” Those who take both of the one-hour, self-guided AIA/CES courses can earn up to 2.0 Learning Units (2.0 LUs).

Visit Learn with Linetec at to complete the simple registration form and start taking the course.

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