The February issue of The Construction Specifier features Linetec’s top tips for ensuring success with anodized aluminum finishes.

The magazine’s monthly “Failures” column focuses on four key considerations to minimize issues with this durable finish from specification through installation. These include:

  1. Specify AAMA 611-20 – This Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance document is the industry’s standard for anodized aluminum.
  2. Prepare properly – Working with a single metal source and a single finishing provider will minimize opportunities for variation. Remember to stretch form and shape the metal prior to finishing.
  3. Apply precisely – Linetec manages our anodize process with computer-controlled, automated equipment and multiple quality checks.
  4. Install and maintain correctly – Safeguard anodized aluminum during shipping, at the jobsite, during installation and through construction. Provide the owner with cleaning and care guidelines to ensure the finish looks and performs its best throughout its long lifespan.

Read the full article in The Construction Specifier’s digital edition or online.

For additional tips on anodize finishes for your project, please contact us for assistance.