Anodized finishes are the industry standard when the hardest, most durable architectural finish is needed for your aluminum products. Until recently, the color palette for these finishes has been limited to clear, black and bronze tones. Expanding your choice of anodize colors, Linetec has developed proprietary Copper Anodize and Bordeaux Anodize. These specialty finishes deliver the same high performance you expect in surprisingly distinctive colors.

Copper Elegance.
Without the Patina.

Copper Anodize showcases a rich metal finish that looks like a copper penny and will keep this original color for years to come.

Rich & Earthy.
Like a Fine Wine.

Bordeaux Anodize delivers a luxurious, earthy burgundy and a distinctive alternative to the ubiquitous bronze tones.

Why anodize?

Anodizing is the process of electrochemically controlling, accelerating and enhancing oxidation of an aluminum substrate. Because it is an integral part of the substrate, anodization produces an oxide film that is uniform, hard and protects the rest of the aluminum from deterioration.

Anodized finishes do not combust, corrode, rust, mold, warp, rot, peel or patina, and need only minimal maintenance in most climates. Linetec’s anodize finishes meet AAMA 611 Class I industry specification standards, providing excellent resistance to abrasion, weather, UV exposure and salt spray, and exceptional wear in high-traffic environments.

The properties of anodized finishes combine with aluminum’s light weight, strength and ease of fabrication and add up to an advantageous material for almost any architectural application.

How’s it done?

Anodized aluminum is an inert material that can be manufactured with recycled material, is 100% recyclable and poses no health risks. Linetec’s eco-friendly, acid-etch anodize technique is known as two-step electrolytic.

Our unique Copper and Bordeaux Anodize finishes are achieved through a three-step electrolytic coloring process, rather than the standard two-step process.

Step 1: The anodizing step takes place in a tank that contains a solution of acid and water. The tank is charged with electrical current, and aluminum oxide is formed on the surface of the aluminum.

Step 2: After anodizing is complete, your aluminum parts are then immersed in a coloring tank, where elemental metals are deposited in the anodic pores by means of electrolytic current. With two-step electrolytic, this gives you the champagne, bronze or black tones.

Step 3: For three-step Bordeaux and Copper Anodize, two color tanks are used. The first contains a bath of tin and the second contains copper.

The amount of time your aluminum is immersed in the coloring tanks determines the resulting appearance. Darker colors are created by extending the immersion time and increasing metal deposition. No clear coat is required to preserve the color or to improve the finish’s performance.

Please visit our Specialty Finishes webpage, to learn more about Linetec’s Copper and Bordeaux anodize options.

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