As we return to our offices, restaurants, gyms, schools and other buildings, we cautiously look forward without forgetting the past. The last year has taught us about the strength of our own resilience, the balance of stability and freedom, the importance of our personal environment and the joy that comes from happy memories.

This year’s color trends, informed by personal comfort derived from natural sources, mindful reflections and future optimism, mix into a swirl of reassuringly familiar tones with bursts of hopeful hues.

Biophilic design, reflecting our intrinsic connection to the natural world where many of us took refuge this past year, wraps us in colors that soothe the soul and calm the mind.

City of Seguin, Texas library

Photo courtesy of: Seguin Gazette

Soft, earth tones of warm grays and stone browns are paired with natural pops of color inspired by fruit pulp oranges, terra cotta browns and coral reds.

Cool blues are cut with green for subtle effect, calling on the easy aquas of a Mediterranean bay or the deep teals of a calm Caribbean Sea.

Recognizable hues invoke nostalgia by reminding us of something we have enjoyed before.

Macy's Renovation New York City, NY | Winco Windows finished by Linetec

Photography by: Jeffrey Rosenberg Photography

Nostalgic colors reminiscent of trips to pine forests and wildflowers meadows are seen in an array of organic greens and golden yellows.

Bordeaux and deeper floral purples remind us of lingering summer sunsets and quilted bedspreads in inviting spaces that relax our frantic selves.

While looking back at happy moments, we find the steady base to peer over the edge toward a brighter future. This year’s color trends also reflect our wary optimism.

Salt Lake City Fire Station #14 Utah

Photo by: Cache Valley Photographers, courtesy of Tubelite Inc.

Avoid jarring neons, but do consider lighter, muted red, yellow and blue primaries and pale, retrospective peach, lavender and seafoam secondaries.

Explore industrial chic style with a more versatile edge defined with steel black and copper metallic tones.

Create warm commercial spaces with dark bronze , brushed golds and satin silvers complemented with patterns inspired by marbled stone and aged wood.

Helping you and your customers create encouraging, welcoming, comfortable environments, our vast selection of finishes includes more than 55,000 colors of architectural coatings and custom-blended creations, plus a wide range of anodize finishes in natural metallic tones. Be sure to review our specialty coating options for textured terra cotta, granite-like spattercoat and wood grain finishes.

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