Curves can add dimension and visual interest to a building. They can help a structure blend into a natural background or allow a building to differentiate itself in a rigid urban environment. A curve can facilitate a building’s flow and create a shape that fits an irregular lot. Curves speak to modernity, while embracing the organic forms of nature. Neuroscientists have even found that an aesthetic preference for curves is hardwired into our brains because they indicate safety over sharp geometric shapes.

When your project calls for curves, Linetec can provide a single source solution. Our stretch forming services allow us to bend and finish your architectural aluminum building components all in the same location, backed with a single warranty.

Developed in the aerospace industry to produce contoured parts, stretch forming applies tensile and bending forces to smoothly shape brake metal and extrusions. The metal is held under constant tension, while it wrapped around a form to create simple or complex curves.

With our partner, Southern Stretch Forming, we draw from more than 25 years of curving expertise. Co-located at our campus in Wausau, Wisconsin, our customers benefit from these full-service bending capabilities, including annealing and tempering. By conveniently combining our stretch forming and finishing services, you benefit from better lead times, delivery times and freight costs. We also provide inventory services for qualified customers and high-use profiles.

We can stretch form an almost unlimited number of curved shapes and cross sections. You can use stretch forming to create spirals, serpentine shapes, ellipses and arches. Half circles (180 degrees), eyebrow curves (135 degrees) and gothic arches are popular requests for stretch formed shapes. A custom die can be used to create compound curves for unique shapes. We can stretch form arc lengths up to 260 inches long and can shape curves as tight as 10 inches wide.

Stretch forming with Linetec allows you to easily integrate curves in your window systems, door frames, skylights, storefronts and curtainwalls. Stretch forming also can be used to create curved flashings, signs, walkway enclosures and hand railings. All of these aluminum products can be finished by Linetec in a choice of durable architectural coatings or anodize.

After your material is stretch formed and finished, we also can thermally improve your fenestration systems. Doing so ensures optimal performance of the thermal pour-and-debridge or strut barrier to reduce heat transfer by separating the inside and outside aluminum framing members.

With our attentive service and quality control, stretch-formed pieces are managed as part of your complete order – whether curved or linear, extrusion or brake metal, paint or anodize, and with or without thermal improvement. This comprehensive approach helps ensure consistency across the whole project.

By choosing Linetec as your single-source partner, you also are ensured a full warranty on finished, curved and thermally improved material. Most manufacturer and applicator warranties require that aluminum components are finished after curving. With us managing each step, you can be confident these services are performed in the proper sequence.

We offer you the convenience, expertise and cost effectiveness to add curvatures that help create an appealing, approachable aesthetic for your building designs. Please contact your sales representative with specific questions on your next project.

Linetec Stretch Forming
Linetec Stretch Forming
Linetec Stretch Forming