When building a new home or retrofitting an existing one, choosing the right color can be a challenging decision for homeowners, designers and builders. Black finishes are an increasingly popular choice for residential applications because they bridge between a modern and a timeless appearance. Windows and doors with black finished framing look contemporary, luxurious and elegant, as well as respectfully reminiscent of old steel windows for a semi-industrial, farmhouse-chic or updated historic aesthetic.

Providing a solid contrasting neutral, black makes other colors pop with depth and drama. Black window and door frames work well with white and light-colored walls, adding gravity to an airy room. The boldness of black successfully complements a variety of home decorating palettes. A common color for many appliances and fixtures, black finishes on window and door frames can help carry the color through the room’s design.

Black finishes pair especially well with large modern windows and multi-panel door systems as the color defines the expansive glass structure. Dark finishes frame the view in sharp relief by outlining the image, drawing the eye to the beauty of what lies beyond.

Aluminum window and door product manufacturers can help homeowners, designers and builders easily attain this design-driven look with the help of an experienced finishing provider. As a single source solution for architectural finishing, Linetec offers either painted or anodized black finishes to achieve the desired, durable result.

At Linetec, black anodize finishes are created through an increased metal deposition and extended immersion time. The anodize process produces an oxide film that is an integral part of the aluminum substrate. Its uniform appearance is extremely hard and protects the rest of the aluminum from deterioration. The finished metal meets or exceeds all requirements of AAMA 611 Class I anodize industry standards to provide excellent resistance to corrosion, discoloration and wear with minimal maintenance in most environments.

Also available as black painted finishes, Linetec typically recommends using 70% fluoropolymer architectural coatings to ensure high performance as specified by AAMA 2605 industry standards. These coatings meet the most stringent requirements for resisting chalking and erosion, withstanding humidity and salt spray, and retaining the black color without fading.

Along with contributing to aesthetics and durability, Linetec also can support a home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Linetec offers thermal improvement services to enhance the performance of aluminum of windows and doors by adding thermally insulating pour-and-debridge or strut to separate their inside and outside metal framing.

Linetec is happy to provide high-performing, durable finishes in classic black, or in any of the other 55,000 unique colors in our Color Select & Spec library. For personalized assistance with selecting architectural finishes to match your project’s needs, please contact your local representative.

Loewen | Roxboro | Private Residence | Linetec
Loewen | North Fork | Private Residence | Linetec
Loewen | North Fork | Private Residence | Linetec
Loewen | North Fork | Private Residence | Linetec

Photos courtesy of Loewen and David Hartz Photography LLC