Wishing you a Happy Retirement Rick Marshall! Thank you for dedicating the past 24 years to Linetec.

Rick joined the Apogee Wausau Group in 1996 as the vice president of finance of Wausau Metals (Wausau Window & Wall Systems), Milco and Linetec. Rick and his wife, Gayle, relocated from Rochester, Minnesota to Wausau and were expecting their first child that spring.  

In 1999, Rick was promoted to the newly created position of president of Linetec and committed himself to continuing Linetec’s traditions of outstanding quality, service and reliability.

Rick shares some of his favorite memories with us…

“My proudest accomplishments with Linetec are not the numbers, but the culture that has been created. If you do the culture right, the numbers will follow”

“Linetec’s Core Values – and the tools we use to make them live – are what makes Linetec a special company, thereby achieving a positive work environment, strong customer satisfaction, and high financial performance.”

These Core Values were created by Rick, based on employee input, and have remained unchanged since 2000. They are not a “program of the year” or a “plaque on a wall,” but meaningful values that are actively communicated and managed within Linetec’s company culture.

Jon Close (President), Rick Marshall, Scott Platta (Linetec Founder)
Jon Close (President), Rick Marshall, Scott Platta (Linetec Founder)

“I’m proud of Linetec’s position in the industry, and that customers and architects generally think well of us, and see us as the premiere finisher. This started before my time, with Scott [Platta], but I’m proud to have carried on the legacy”

“It was exciting to get wireless phones throughout the plant well ahead of our time. A major conversion of our internal phone system took place in 1999 with associates receiving new Nokia 6190 wireless PCS digital phones.”

“It’s a good feeling to know that my retirement has created a 3 link progression of associate promotions within Linetec. Jon Close taking over as President for me, Jeff Fochs taking over as VP Sales and Marketing for Jon, and Jake Kriewald taking over as Outside Sales Manager for Jeff”


“The customer relationships built over the years.”

“The safety cookouts and food awards have always been fun. Starting in 1999 with a new lost time incident record of 788 days at anodize and 297 days at paint, myself and some supervisors grilled burgers and brats for all associates. This tradition carries on to this day.”

Rick Marshall | Linetec President | Cookout

Under Rick’s direction as president, Linetec has undergone 12 building additions
and has expanded its footprint from 320,000 square feet to just over 1,000,000 square feet.

Linetec Anodize Line 3 addition
Rick Marshall | Linetec Anodize Line 3 addition

A few great Rick memories from over the years

With Rick’s leadership and Linetec’s Values-Based culture, we have earned several regional and national awards over the years

Linetec MOTY
Linetec Anodize Line 3 Expansion
Linetec MOTY
Wisconsin's Governor's Award Linetec
Rick Marshall 2015 people of the year
Linetec Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award
Andy and Rick Linetec
Linetec MOTY
Linetec MOTY
Linetec MOTY
Linetec MOTY
Linetec MOTY
Linetec Wausau Chamber Award

Once in a while, even the president deserves a rest

One of Rick’s mottos was “Work hard but always find time to have fun”

Work Hard, Play Hard; with family and friends

Work Hard, Play Hard; with the Linetec team

Enjoy these photos and videos from Rick’s retirement celebration on March 26th at the Great Dane in Wausau:

Andy Joswiak, Linetec’s most senior VP, shared a few words about Rick:

Rick’s parting words:

Congratulations Rick! We hope you thoroughly enjoy retirement life.