Across the U.S., many commercial buildings’ exterior designs feature aluminum cladding systems. Conveying a modern aesthetic, these metal wall products also are selected for their easy maintenance and long-term durability. Helping to ensure the intended appearance and performance, Linetec shared its knowledge in a recently published article in Construction Specifier.“Finishing options for aluminum wall cladding” takes an informative look at selecting and specifying factory-applied, durable finishes. While the article focuses on aluminum cladding systems, much of the information is relevant to other architectural aluminum products. Click here to read the full Construction Specifier article.

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The seven-page feature explains:

  • Color range and options for aluminum cladding
  • Coating composition and classification
  • Painted coating performance
  • Anodize process and performance
  • Consistency in color and appearance
  • Material guidelines for optimal finish
  • Sustainability and longevity

The article concludes that, for the longest life of an aluminum wall cladding system, specify either an anodize finish to meet AAMA 611 or a 70% PVDF resin-based architectural coating to meet AAMA 2605. High-performance, PVDF resin-based coatings can be selected in nearly any conceivable color or combination of colors. Anodize finishes provide the highest performance, but in a narrower range of colors.

Offering customers a single source solution, Linetec provides both painted and anodized finishing for aluminum wall cladding and architectural products, as well as other value-added and specialty services. Let us know how we can assist you with your next project.

Finished aluminum buildings

Photos courtesy of Tubelite, Dri Design and Quality Metalcraft