Safety is our #1 core value at Linetec, at all levels and across all departments.

Supervisor training - industry safetyAccording to our safety manager Brian Stratton, “Preventing injuries requires that industry companies create a culture of safety built on training, communication, whole-team buy-in, the right equipment and more.”

He continued, “Creating a culture of safety requires involvement from every person within the company. Reporting and reviewing incidents offers a baseline for understanding and improving safety, but it is just the beginning.”

In a recently published article in Glass Magazine, Stratton shares five actions for plant safety based on his Linetec’s industry-leading practices and award-winning safety record.

  1. Take training out of the classroom
  2. Use video
  3. Reward good behavior
  4. Evaluate the data
  5. Develop internal experts

Click here to read the article in Glass Magazine.

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