NYC_WoolworthTwrResid3_OlegMarchMetal Architecture magazine’s recent feature on the renovated Woolworth Tower Residences in New York highlighted Linetec’s contributions to the new windows and terrace doors’ thermal performance and durable finishes.
Architect Cass Gilbert originally designed the iconic building in 1913. Today, under the architectural vision of SLCE Architects, LLP a and The Office of Thierry W Despont, Ltd., the 33 luxury condominiums offer sweeping views of Manhattan from the historically inspired, oversized windows and terrace doors with modern performance and easy operation.
Guided by developer Alchemy Properties to match the project’s goals, the Apogee Building Retrofit Strategy Team provided energy modeling and selection criteria considerations for a window system. Based on the team’s recommendations, more than 630 units of Wausau Window and Wall Systems. INvent Series Simulated Double-Hung Projected windows were installed.
NYC_WoolworthTwrResid2-8_OlegMarchRespecting the buildings’ historic aesthetic, Linetec finished the windows’ aluminum exteriors using a two-coat 70 percent PVDF resin-based coating in a color called “Dark as Night,” which complements the restored polychromatic terra cotta surrounds.
In addition to the finish, Wausau relied on Linetec to provide polyamide thermal barriers within the aluminum frame of the windows and doors. Wausau INvent Series windows can achieve thermal performance NFRC U-Factors as low as 0.34, a Condensation Resistance Factor as high as 65 and acoustic performance Sound Transmission Class ratings of 31 to 42.
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