Bright White Paint Coatings

Royal-Caribbean-CruiseBright whites are a popular design option in today’s architectural industry. These colors are available in high-performance, PVDF fluoropolymer resin-based paint systems and can be especially appealing as a unique architectural design statement.

Please be aware that special considerations should be observed when using these colors.
1.) Whites have a lower “hide” quality and are more transparent than most other colors.
2.) Many clean, bright whites require additional film thickness and/or additional coats to achieve the desired color and minimize color variation. This can increase cost of paint finishing. To ensure the correct estimates, the exact color should be specified at the time of the quote.
3.) Channels and inside corners are difficult to cover with any paint color, but tend to be more noticeable (gray) with whites. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon in electrostatic paint application and does not necessarily constitute a defect in the paint finish or application.
Clear Coat over Whites
Paint manufacturers do not recommended using a clear top coat over a white color paint. The clear top coat is not required and will not extend warranty periods. The application of a clear coat can affect the tone of the underlying color. The color coat typically shifts more yellow when a clear is applied. This is due to the fact that clear coats are not “water white” or colorless, but are actually a slightly yellow color. The degree of color change seen with a clear coat over a white is usually deemed unacceptable.
From an applicator standpoint, Linetec cannot guarantee color consistency when clear is applied over light colors. Clear coats over white will not substantially increase the gloss. The slight increase in gloss due to the clear coat will most likely not be noticeable to the human eye.
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