Linetec offers spattercoat custom finishes with multi-colors, depth and texture. Spattercoat can mimic marble, stone, brick and other textures The paint spatters can be000_0126 many or few, large or small, thick or thin, speckled or swirled.

Spattercoat options are endless…besides simulating natural, earthy and artificial surfaces, this spattercoat process offers the opportunity to create a truly unique and personalized building.

Linetec’s one-of-a-kind spattercoat finishes utilized 70% Fluoropolymer paint coatings.Bridgeston Middle School 003

To request metal color chip samples of LInetec’s most popular spattercoat finishes or to inquire about spattercoat finishes for your project contact Linetec at or 888-717-1472.

Spattercoat sampels