Material Size Guidelines

This information outlines the size of material Linetec can finish. Material must fall within these guidelines. Any items that fall outside of these parameters must be reviewed by operations prior to material arriving at Linetec's facility to determine the feasibility of processing them.

Paint & Powder Coat Capabilities

Standard - Material falling within the following parameters can be finished on-line

Length 28' 6" (342")
Height 6' (72")
Width 2' 4" (28")
Weight per load 150 lbs. per line attachment (600 lb. maximum)

Custom / Oversize - Material falling within these parameters is considered oversized and can be finished off-line

Length 30' (360)
Height 8' (96")
Width 4' (48")
Weight per load 1000 lb. maximum

Linetec Paint Process           Linetec Powder Coat Process