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PPG Industires

Duranar                      Duranar Exotic
Duranar XL                Duranar Sunstorm

Duranar XL Exotic    Duranar XL Specialty

Valspar color cards - painted by Linetec

Fluropon                       Fluropon pg 2

Fluropon pg 3              Fluropon Classic II

Order Sample Chips

Order Sample Chips

Request Sample Color Chips

Linetec can supply project specific color chips for any order or quote that is required. Requests can be made on-line, with our Quoting Department or Inside Sales.

Most in-house blendable paints can be processed within 48 hours. Non in-house blendable samples can take up to 2 weeks depending on the paint system, type, color, and vendor.

Information needed to supply color chips includes: paint code, paint type, project name, number of samples request, and delivery address.

Each color sample will have key information documented on the back of the chip. Color name, finish type, paint code, number of required coats, and whether it is in-house or non in-house blendable. Samples are shipped standard ground delivery.

Color Select & Spec

Order Sample Chips

Color Select & Spec

For architects and design professionals seeking long-lasting finishes for architectural aluminum products, Linetec's Select & Spec tool gives you the opportunity to view multiple color palettes and order painted aluminum samples.

When Linetec is the chosen applicator, use our Color Select & Spec tool to aid in finding the perfect color for your project.

The colors on these cards are representations of the actual colors. Final color selection should not be done via the computer screen / website. For an actual color sample please order on-line or contact Linetec.