Brushed Stainless Anodize

Helping enhance and protect architectural aluminum products, Linetec's Brushed Stainless Anodize finish emulates the clean, bright surface that architects and specifiers find desirable in stainless steel.

Highly reflective appearance
More Cost effective
Light weight (almost 1/3 the weight of stainless steel)
Minimal maintenance
Class I, AAMA 611 coating
Resistant to scratching and fingerprints

Brushed Stainless Anodiize finisih

A high-performance anodized finish has an extremely long life span, has exceptional stability to ultraviolet rays, is non-hazardous and produces no harmful or dangerous by-products.

Linetec’s unique Brushed Stainless anodize finish is achieved through mechanically brushing, electro polishing and anodizing aluminum extrusions. Linetec’s goal is consistency throughout each job. To achieve this, fully-automated equipment is used. However, due to the complexity and variation associated with each of the process steps, as well as variances in extrusion from diff erent extruders and heat lots, variation should be expected.

If some variation is not acceptable, Linetec recommends one of its many paint finishes be considered.

Specify Brushed Stainless Anodize

Finish code: ANO-215BEP - Brushed Stainless Anodize
Standard 5-year warranty
Meets AAMA 611 specification
Meets AA-M35C31A21
Class I coating, minimum film thickness of 0.7 mils (18 microns)

enhancing & Protecting...

Stainless steel has long been used in the architectural construction industry for its luster, richness and highly-reflective appearance. This unique look could only be found in stainless steel until now... as Linetec introduces "Brushed Stainless Anodize" finish.

Brushed stainless anodize creates a similar look on aluminum offering a more cost effective, lightweight option. The brushed pattern simulates the appearance of stainless steel.

Brushed Stainless Anodize finish resists fingerprints and scratching, and requires minimal maintenance including in high-traffic areas offering excellent wear and abrasion resistance.

Linetec's Brushed Stainless Anodize utilizes an environmentally-friendly brightening process in conjunction with its eco-friendly anodize process, and is 100 percent recyclable.

Requirements and Process Considerations

High purity aluminum is critical to produce the highest levels of reflectivity. Extruded from prime billet, with a minimum temper of T6, 6063 alloy should be used. If possible, specify a Webster hardness of at least 14.

Square or rectangular extrusions work best. Extrusions not within these parameters must be reviewed by Linetec to determine if they can be processed. Additional tooling may be required.

Channels and recesses will not be reached by brushing machine.
Parts must be at least 12 ft in length and no longer than 28.5 ft.
Extrusion shapes cannot exceed 10 inches tall by 10 inches wide.
Linetec can provide 5005, in .063, 4-by-10 foot brushed sheet. Sheet alloy is diff erent than extrusion. Some variance in appearance should be expected.
One set-up piece is required for each extrusion being brushed.

    Brushed Stainless Aluminum